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2022-2023 Executive Team 


President – Kathryn Cheng

Kathryn Cheng is the Chair of the Women in Mining Student Chapter at the University of Toronto. She is in her fourth year of undergrad pursuing a geology specialist and chemistry major, with a passion for geochemistry. Kathryn is interested in diversity, equity, and inclusion advocacy, particularly in the STEM community. As chair of Women in Mining UofT, she hopes to inform students about diverse careers in the geosciences, and how we can help to combat gender inequalities in the geoscience and mining workforces.


Vice President – Katherine Bormann

Katherine Bormann is a fourth-year undergraduate geology specialist at the University of Toronto. She is interested in promoting gender equality, both in the department and beyond, and is excited to contribute to the U of T Earth Sciences community this year through Women In Mining.


Secretary & Communications Representative – Zeynep Uzunel

Zeynep Uzunel (she/her) is the Secretary and Communications Representative for the UofT WIM Chapter. She is a third-year geology specialist who wants to explore the physical world through science and advocates for accessibility to STEM education. She also aspires to challenge the gender inequalities in geosciences and be involved in the Earth Science community to increase diversity, equity and inclusion.

Nicole Schoenherr headshot.jpg

Treasurer – Nicole Schoenherr

Nicole Schoenherr is the treasurer of the UofT WIM Chapter. She is a second-year Geology Specialist student who is interested in planetary science, mineral exploration, and habitat restoration. She aspires to reach for the stars and loves to discuss the development, growth, and possibly new applications of the mining sector in the future.


Events Coordinator – Joyce Lu

Joyce Lu is the events coordinator of the WIM UofT Student Chapter. She is in her fourth year of undergraduate studies pursuing an Environmental Geoscience Specialist. Joyce is attracted by WIM's mission to provide students with the resources to excel in industry and is passionate about promoting equality, sustainability and responsible mining.


Earth Science Representative – Clémence Korwin-Szymanowska

Clemence Korwin-Szymanowska is the Earth Science Representative of the Women in Mining Student Chapter at the University of Toronto. She is in her fourth year pursuing a geology specialist and political science minor. She is passionate about exploration, sustainability in geology and international relations.


Rotman Commerce Representative – Komal Mann

Komal is the Mineral Engineering Representative for the UofT WIM Chapter. She is in her fourth year as a Mineral Engineering student. As a member of Women in Mining UofT, she is passionate about advocating for diversity within the mining industry as well as within the STEM community.


Website Coordinator – Grace Wei

Grace Wei is a fourth-year undergraduate student at the University of Toronto pursuing majors in Environmental Science and Environmental Biology with a minor in Geoscience. She has an interest in science communication and education, particularly in the fields of sustainability and the environment. As a member of Women in Mining UofT, Grace aspires to promote awareness, equity, and diversity in mining and associated industries.


Faculty Advisor – Melissa Anderson

Melissa Anderson is an assistant professor of economic geology at the University of Toronto. Her work focuses on understanding how geodynamic processes in subduction zones control upper crustal permeability and the formation of long-lived magmatic-hydrothermal systems. She is passionate about mentoring students as they explore career paths in exploration, mining, and related industries, with an emphasis on addressing challenges facing women and minorities in these fields.

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