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2019-2020 Executive Team


President – Joy Carter

Joy Carter is the Chair of the Women in Mining Student Chapter at the University of Toronto. As a fourth year Geology and GIS student with a passion for mineral exploration, she hopes to provide opportunities for her peers to engage with the industry and be both encouraged and empowered by its many successful female leaders! Joy will be pursuing an Honours Thesis in the fall in partnership with Wallbridge Mining Company Ltd., with a focus on the geochemistry and geochronology of their Fenelon Project. 



Vice President – Jessica Patterson

Jessica Patterson is a fourth year student at the University of Toronto Specializing in Geology and Majoring in Biodiversity and Conservation Biology, with a particular focus in the development in modeling for resource geology. As Vice-Chair of WIM U of T, she hopes to provide talks to help encourage women to pursue the careers they want in traditionally male dominated industry. She is currently employed by Agnico Eagle and hopes to further pursue a career in exploration geology once she graduates.




Treasurer – Bahareh Doroudiani

Bahareh Doroudiani is a student at the University of Toronto specializing in Geophysics and majoring in Linguistics, with a passion for discovery. She is in her final year and planning to write her thesis on applying Machine Learning to seismology. Bahareh hopes to encourage diversity in Earth Science education and especially the field of mining.


Secretary – Yufei Chen


Yufei Chen is a fourth year student in geophysics at the University of Toronto. She wants to promote gender equality in the workplace and make mining jobs more accessible to women. 

Events Coordinator – Winnie Fan

Winnie Fan is entering the third year of her geology specialist at the University of Toronto. As the event coordinator of WIM U of T student chapter, she is interested in promoting public awareness of Earth sciences and the mining industry. She believes in empowering females to pursue their passion through equality and respect.





Industry Liaison  Sophia Panasiuk

Sofia Panasiuk is a third-year student specializing in Geology with minors in Chemistry and Mathematics at the University of Toronto. She is dedicated to the effort of creating equal opportunity and recognition in her field. As Industry Liaison, she will plan opportunities for students to expand their skill sets through networking events and workshops that will prepare them for future jobs, interviews and a successful career. 




Communications Representative – Zoë Evans

Zoë Evans is a 4th year undergraduate student at the University of Toronto. She is majoring in Earth and Environmental Systems. Zoë has always been interested in science and the environment but discovered her passion for earth science after working at a mineral retail shop in Toronto. She has just completed a summer of teaching earth sciences and geology in remote Canadian communities and is looking forward to a future in science communications.




Mineral Engineering Representative – Amily Xu

Earth Science Representative  Nathan Hermawan

Nathan Hermawan is a third year student at the University of Toronto pursuing their geophysics specialist program. He strongly advocates for equality in the workplace for all genders and was chosen to be a representative of WIM to do just that. He hopes to further apply his knowledge to the field of seismology and/or mantle physics in the near future.





Faculty Advisor  Melissa Anderson

Melissa Anderson is an assistant professor of economic geology at the University of Toronto. Her work focuses on understanding how geodynamic processes in subduction zones control upper crustal permeability and the formation of long-lived magmatic-hydrothermal systems. She is passionate about mentoring students as they explore career paths in exploration, mining, and related industries, with an emphasis on addressing challenges facing women and minorities in these fields.

Past Chair – Betka Ondercova

Betka Ondercova is currently pursuing a master’s degree in exploration geophysics. Her project involves integrating assorted geophysical parameters to provide a multiparameter visualization and analysis for better understanding of subsurface geology. As past chair she hopes to provide ongoing support to WIM’s current team achieve their goals.



Website Coordinator – Andrew Rober

Andrew Rober is a fourth year Geoscience major with minors in GIS and environmental science. His interest in geology and mineral exploration has brought him from drill helper to geotech to assistant geologist. Andrew looks forward to progress his career and bring what he has learned from WIM with him.

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